We provide Management Consulting and Operations (managed services) for non-manufacturing industries and the management and back office areas of every industry, with high specialization in topics around effective management, financial services and support areas (finance, accounting, treasury, procurement, human resources, sales administration, project management, back office and shared services operations)

We started as a Company in 2002 and since 2007 We have been providing advisory services with highly qualified professional consultants with ample experience. Since 2016 we brought to our region the highest world standards for Management Consulting, providing ease of mind to our multinational clients with the same caliber, experience and quality they demand from consultants at their home countries.

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

CMC Global (formerly know as ICMCI - International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) is the multinational organization that promotes professional standards for management consulting and regulates the practice of the profession worldwide. It has representation in over 50 countries and territories and provides assurance of high professional standards through certification programmes for individual consultants and advisory firms.

ICMCI has United Nations consultative status and works actively to improve and raise the standards by which professional management consulting is done around the World.

ISO 20700:2017
Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services

In 2017, the International Standards Organization (ISO) finalized a 5-year project which involved Advisory industry representatives from many countries, as well as an ICMCI team that developed the ISO standard for Management Consulting Services.

Through our high involvement with CMC-Global Institute, the international arm of ICMCI, our processes adhered to the new ISO standards and our projects and services comply with the guidelines. Our Founder and Managing Director Otto Acuna has been trained and accredited by ICMCI on this standard.

CEN 16114:2011
Management Consultancy Services - European Committee for Standardization

We are also aligned to the CEN 16114 European Standard developed in 2011 which also had deep involvement of ICMCI at the time.

This compliance with the European Standard provide European Companies with the ease of mind of having through our services the same standards demanded at Headquarters for Management Consulting Services. CEN116:2011 is being phased out in favor of ISO 20700, providing our European-based clients one unified standard to look after.

Our Managed Services Solutions comply with GDPR as well.

more than 115 projects in 35+ clients in the last 10 years


We provide our clients means to resolve their needs with in a practical manner: no nonsense, with a sense of urgency and focused on results.

We cover all the spectrum of continuous improvement with robust solutions based on experience. We've been there and share our insights so you can move along speedily .

■ Services and Solutions for your initiatives,
tackling a wide array of needs for many

■ We not only advice and design, We are
also capable of implementing what we
recommend and are able to operate
our solutions on a temporal or permanent
basis, depending on your objectives and needs.

■ Managed Services Solutions with "Turn-key approach"
for Automation and Digital Transformation of your
area and processes.

what we do

We help you to work better, improve performance and achieve your business goals

Financial Services

Commercial and Investment Banking | Real Estate Investment Funds (REIT)| Brokerage | Trusts | Leasing| Factoring | Financial Services Corporate and Operations

  • Optimization, Digital Transformation and Automation of Core Processes (Loans, Deposits, Operations, other)
  • Organizational Design and Transformation
  • Regulatory Compliance, Policies and Procedures through e-Learning
  • Alignment with different regulations (ex: Procurement, ISO31000 for risk management, HR Management, local regulation, etc.)

Shared Services Centers

Finance Operations | HR Operations | Procurement | Reporting | Setup, Planning & Migrations | Performance Management | SLA Management

  • Business Case, Detailed Design and Blueprint for Implementation
  • SLA design and other performance control systems for the management of the SSC
  • Performance Management as a Service for small and medium SSCs and transfer to InHouse area as the operation grows
  • Process optimization and digital transformation of the operation (ex: e-Learning for recurrent onboarding or training of staff on specific software and/or client processes)

Back Office / Support Areas (Multi-Industry)

Finance| Accounting | Procurement | Human Resources | Operations | Sales Admin & CRM | Project Office | Support Helpdesk

  • Optmizing Support Processes (ex: accelerate the accounting close, reconciliation automation, speed up cash application on incoming deposits or payments)
  • Overall improvement of the Procurement Function. Spend Analysis and Procurement Strategies. Better Controls and Policies. Regulatory compliance.
  • Digital Transformation, Intranet as a Service and other technological enhancements to the Back Office
  • Increase the value added provided by support functions by automating transactional processes and improving your internal customers' service experience.

Regionals and Multi-Latinas

Pharma | Manufacturing | Lighting | Renewable Energies | Consumer Goods | Car Dealerships | Industrial Chemicals | Logistics Opeartors | Retail | Advertising

  • Optimization of the Order to Cash (OTC) and Purchase to Payment (PTP) processes
  • Enterprise Capacity Building Programme (PCCI) for transfering skills and capacities while implementing your initiatives
  • Managerial Effectiveness Improvement and Cultural Change
  • Cost Reduction Programme (PRC) for optimizing your cost footprint the smart way, the sustainable way

Construction and Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Developers | Design & Construction Co's | Property Managers | REITs

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Growth Preparation and Professional Development
  • CRM and Sales Automation

NGOs and Government

Human Rights Education and Litigation | Academic Institutions | Community Services | International Cooperation | Citizen Support Services | Special studies for International Organizations (ex. ILO "White Book")

  • Institutional Strenghtening Initiatives
  • Coaching and Support to NGO Management on Management topics
  • Strengthening of Support Areas (Finance, Fundraising, Human Resources, NGO Marketing, etc.)
  • Special Studies and/or tackling of specific Institutional or Operational problems

35+ satisfied clients

115 projects and business enablement services
Over 10 years in the management consulting market

Compliant with the Highest Industry Standards available


The trust our clietns have placed in us have allowed our company to participate in many interesting projects. Please find below some of the more memorable:

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